Sunday, October 4, 2009

Explosion of flavours!

I would use "burst of flavours" but the word burst is too sissy for the situation!

Everyone who read the title must be having the thought in your mind "Kemuel must have ate some super nice food!" but that's where you're WRONG!

As normal Sundays, my family has dinner out! And on some Sundays my parents friend, who is a cancer patient, comes along la. He actually invites himself to have dinner with us. But his wife left him and he's got cancer so my parents are really nice to him la.
So since he already is sick..... We all have to eat healthy food for his sake. And as everyone knows, almost all healthy food ..... SUCKS LIKE SHIT!!!!!!

So we went to this Foo Kua (bitter gourd) shop in taman megah! At first I thought it's worth trying laa. The shop is named foo Kua so maybe they have some special bitter gourd dish in there. So we sat down at a table.....

And when the menu came!!!!!!! (this is the part of the story where you hold your breath!) there was over 200 dishes with the word foo Kia in front!!! I'm thinking to myself what the eff is wrong with this shop!!!! People hate bitter gourd. Why do you even wanna start a shop that's serves nothing but bitter gourd dishes!!

When the food came. There was like bitter gourd Tao foo, bitter gourd chicken, bitter gourd with egg, bitter gourd soup, bitter gourd pork, other tables even ordered the bitter gourd drink!

So whatever laaaaa. It's for my parents friends sake. So just shut up and eat laa. The food was actually not bad!!! There was like 5 dishes of bitter gourd food on the table! Only 1 dish wasn't THAT bitter. Which was the chicken 1 and also the one I had the most la of course.
But the worst part is I ordered Kat zai shun mui! If you all don't understand my lousy Chinese spelling. It's that green drink which is really sour which I really like to drink! And uually when you eat something yucky and bitter you quickly take a big sip of your nice tasting drink. But to my testical shockin surprise, the flavours sweet, sour and bitter isn't at all a good combination!!!!

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