Saturday, July 3, 2010

My Garden:Entering the mind of a child!

Went to my garden after dinner today and the only reason i went there is because i saw my dog outside and i wanted to play with her. Its been a really REALLY long time since i did anything in my garden or even stood there for 5 minutes. and as i was playing with my dog in my garden i started to remember how my garden use to be and how i use to play in my garden EVERYDAY as a kid. i mean EVERYDAY!!!! (even when its raining and muddy)

As a kid, my garden use to be my playground. I use to spend all my homework time there! Felt like some cool guy on Animal Planet when I dig the ground and search for insects and get scolding from my mom after that. Well having the fun mind of a kid me and my bro thought if we dug a hole deep enough i would reach the other end of the world - sigh the mind of a child. :D and trust me! the hole me and my bro dug was HUGE!!!!! hahaha at that time when i stood in the hole it would reach my knees! and the amount of earthworms we found (and tortured) could fish for fishes which can feed your family for a whole lifetime!

The thing I enjoyed the most in my garden was climbing the mango tree!!! :) being hyperactive and monkey like as a kid climbing the tree EVERYDAY was fun!! The mango tree in my garden was quite big and it could fit me and my 2 other brothers. We even had our own personal "room" on the tree. We wanted to build a tree house ourselves really badly. but the closest we got to building a tree house was shoving 2 bricks between 2 branches, putting a plank on the tree which we could stand on, and a mini ladder to help us climb the tree. Sadly after a year or so the tree was infested with red ants and we couldnt climb it anymore :( and after a few more years the tree had to be cut down because it stopped producing fruits and the red ants were starting to come into the house. Now this is all that's left of the mango tree....

My garden use to be a jungle!! I am freaking serious about the jungle!!! it had a few trees squeezed in it, FREAKING a lot of plants and my fence use to be a fence filled with creepers. You can always find WEIRD insects in my garden. I actually use to hate how my garden looked like a jungle because i thought it made my house look very ugly. i think that is very true, but now my garden is just plain boring. after the mango tree was cut down, my house was renovated. and in the process of making my house look better. my parents decided to redo the garden. so now, this is how my garden looks. boring.

This use to be the size of a FOOTBALL FIELD to me when i was still a MINI Kemuel :)

Thats my dog!
UGLY PLANTS -.- most of it produces something used for cooking...

This was the plant i HATED the most!!! it has thorns that use to scratch me all over last time! and that's the easy part. the hard part is my garden was FILLED WITH IT!!! because my mom said its flowers are really pretty. -.-

Well, im not saying I dislike how my garden is now, im just saying it doesnt have the EXCITING jungle look anymore. But my garden does look neater and better. It's still nice to take a walk in my garden and play with my dog there but my point is I see nothing in my garden anymore. The only function i think of my garden is.....

..... my dog's toilet!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Exams? :S

Hello my old friend! It's been a while since I wrote here. It's okay if no one reads you anymore. Now that not many do. We can get more persona. Hehe.

JPS exams for 3 weeks! You must be thinking "WALAO! EXAMS FOR 3 WEEKS! THAT'S ALMOST A MONTH OF YOUR LIFE WASTED!" well. I thought the same. But it didn't turn out so. I'm already through 2 weeks of exams and since the day exams started, it didn't even feel like exams have started. AND IT FEELS DAMN GOOD!! Especially since I did not prepare for this terms exam at all! Only started studying the night before our first paper. And I'm PROUD TO SAY SO! :)

The biggest reason I am so chilled about this exams as everyone already know is because of "tips". Well if you don't know what I mean by "tips", I mean exact subtopics to study for exams that is right EVERYTIME!!! I think people are working harder to get the tips instead of studying. Which I think is called studying smart. ;)

but there's a debate going on if what we're doing is cheating. Well I really don't think so. Even after getting these "tips", we still depend on OUR own EFFORT to study it and use our brains to do it in the exams. Unless you bring notes into the exam then it's a total different story la. Or maybe I'm just lying to myself? :/

This stress free exams feels good and I think it's effective studying. I feel it's more useful for us to study like that. it's stupid that the ministry of education expects us to study almost 20 chapters of sejarah or memorize nilais to see how morally we are anyways. I think it's bullshit! :) hope they read this.

Another 1 week of stress free exams and HOLIDAYS! IT'S GOOOOOODDDD!!!! To let you guys know how stress free I am. I've been awake since 9.40 and i haven't even got out of bed and the lights aren't even on and I've been lying here listening to coldplay this whole time. :)


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Burfday Esfurn Thaan!

Threw a surprise birthday for Esfern Tan yesterday!
first time throwing a surprise party for anyone
but everything turned out well (I think) :)
well at least i hope it did for you, Esfern
i really dont know what to say in this post hehe

nice shades :D

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Debate With Myself

And the title of today's debate is ...........*DRUM ROLL* "Is This World Unfair?" *CRASH*

To me, i really think this world is bloody unfair. Seriously. there are so many things about my life that i think are so unfair and i wish i could change. so many Why's

But the thing is, is this world really unfair? or do we say this world is unfair only because things dont go the way we want. like when we say stuff like "why would she like him instead of me?" or "i studied so hard for this exam. why couldnt i have done better?" or "why cant i be richer?" or "why am i born into this family?"

Are we all just being selfish? or is this world really unfair?

Things cant go the way we want it to be. God made it like that so we wont be bloody spoiled brats and bloody spoiled brats just have to have things their way and it makes the world unfair for others.

We all need the serenity to accept the things we cant change and the courage to change the things we can. and the wisdomity to know the difference.

And this is the thing that inspired me / taught me. :)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Not A Morning Person

reporting to you blog readers (dont think anyone reads my blog) at 9 30 in the effing morning! hell yea!

it didnt suck that badly la actually! but right now i feel like it sucks SO BAD!

I actually did lotsa cool fun stuff la. like shopping with Esfern and hanging out with classmates and sneaking out in the middle of the night or have guys stay over at my house and watch horror movie and play Left 4 Dead 2 and Call Of Duty 4 at 2 in the morning till God knows what time! yea those are some of the fun stuff....

BUT!!!! the thing that made my holiday SUCK so bloody much is that I have to work!
and then i go "I didnt choose to work! I dread it every freaking day! My parents forced me to work by getting me this job without telling me and agreeing to a shitty pay of RM400 for a whole month and i work from 9 to 6! and this is how they forced me to"
Of course i tried arguing my way out la. but i failed because they used it as a threat
"If you wanna go out tomorrow you have to promise me you'll work"


Working steals my FREEDOM!! I'm 16! (just turned 16! oh yea) and why in the world should i be working?! I freaking HATE that i have to answer "Cant :/ got work tomorrow" when someone asks me to go out! AND I HATE ESPECIALLY THAT I WANNA GO OUT WITH YOU! but im busy working :/ maybe if i didnt work and we hung out more then .......................

YEAP! my holidays officially sucks!

today's actually my last day of work! WOOOHOOOOOOOO
,,|,, to work!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Hey peeps! Thought I should start blogging again since I always am on the comp and just sit here doing nothing. I'm actually at work now and I have nothing to do (actually have something to do but lazy to), so i thought i'd come here and revive this dead blog from its long sleep! ITS ALIVE!!!!!! :O

Well yesterday was my birthday! YEA I KNOW! FINALLY 16 RIGHT?! Kinda celebrated it at 1 Utama which is one of the worst places in the world to celebrate birthdays. but I didnt really care la. I usually celebrate my birthday with my family, so yesterday was like my first time having it with friends. Though it wasnt really a celebration. spent the first half of the day wasting time with Esfern. shopping and walking around. and eating "poisonous" pretzels! then it was dinner with everyone (i dont mean EVERYONE) and it was fun! Khei Qi kinda helped with the planning :D thank you Khei Qi!

We actually planned to eat at Delicious. but due to everyones craving for Carbonara! i suggested Italiannies!!! which i think has crazy nice carbonara because of the bacon and cheeeeeseeeeee!! sex in your mouth!

At the end of the dinner they bought me a cake (banoffi pie)! :D i actually dont know who but i think its Khei Qi, Sean, Marcus, Gaston and Hong Koon! sorry if your name isnt here :D thank you for the cake (banoffi pie)! and seriously! I think its SOOOOO embarrassing when people sing you a birthday song! I dont know whether to sing along or not. Do i sit there and smile or do i sing along? And if I sing along do I sing happy birthday to ME! which is so weird! hahaha. dont think anyone feels me -.- but I just sang along anyways. Eheee!

but the day was great la :D thank you for all those that came :):) and thank you for the presents! Especially you Esfern! i think your present is the best present i have ever received in MY LIFE!!!! :')
I can say yesterday was a great day la! if you leave out all "those stuff" right Esfern? :)


Monday, October 12, 2009

4.37 AM

I've been in bed for an hour and 15 minutes already. And I can't sleep. You fell asleep while texting me an hour ago.
I'm just blogging so that I have something to do since I can't sleep so this post would be just plain nonsense. Like I'm currently listening to Stadium Arcadium by Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

I've went to pee 4 times in 2 hours. And I think I have diabetes because peeing frequently is 1 of it's symptoms. It's so freaking hard to even imagine not being able to eat sweets or drinking soft drinks. One day I shall create a cure for diabetes. But since I haven't studied in two days. And I don't think I'll become a scientist or some shit. I'll just hire scientists then :)

Anyways I havnt studied for 2 days already because my grandfathers birthday was yesterday. So my cousin and my
uncle from Singapore came down to kl to celebrate.
And today me my bro and my cousin went to 1u to play pool. We aslo went to batting cages and I kicked their ass at it :) I hit 12 out of 15 balls :D we played a few rounds la. And I broke one of the bats really coolly when I hit the last few ball. The head just flew off!

I think I need to get a proper life.