Sunday, April 12, 2009


Reading other peoples blog just inspires me to blog at my blog..
that's why i always read other peoples blog then only blog in mine
so here i am QUITE wanting to blog.....

went to Segi College to watch a play by Agape and SSGC last night
it was really great but rather short

the taste of sweet Magnum ice cream in my mouth!!!

its Easter Sunday.. a rather boring Easter Sunday
just got back from Dragon-i
the plate of chicken was only RM 1.. i think thats the only reason why we ate there.. my dad is quite a cheapskate but he spends a lot on his stuff!

learned a new word today that i dont understand.. and the person who taught me the word doesnt want to tell me the meaning
the word is..... DAYUM!!!!
its just so freaking awesome to use a word you dont understand!

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